Exciting times. I guess thats the best way describe the last few months of my relationship with the Nike Run Club family of the Toronto chapter.

I’m really proud, appreciative, and excited to in the position that I am, as I never would have thought that after a year and some of running and working with various brand initiatives that this is where I’d be. But, thats not what I want to share about right now.

If you’ve been following along, THANK YOU.

If you’ve been considering joining the crew and haven’t done so, but you are almost ready. I want to help you get started.

If you you are looking to get started on your own, independent of the NRC group, I’ve got a few tips and app for you to check.

Photo by Tobis Wang

A few facts – The programming for NRC has something for everyone, no matter your level as a runner. Variety means you have options. Options mean you’re never going to get board and you’re always going to get in a good workout.

Here’s the weeks schedule:

Monday – Ready, Set, Go, Run

Want to learn to run? Our experts will get you mentally ready and physically set to go run
your first kilometre. In less than one hour you will be on your way to a lifetime of running.

Tuesday – Speed Run

Speed helps all runners, no matter the pace, get faster and stronger. Whether it’s a track, park
or roadway, this mix of speed and intensity will take your running fitness to the next level.

Wednesday – Home Run (Where you’ll find me)

Bring your friends and get ready to make new ones. Pick your distance (5km’s or 8km’s). Pick your pace (4:30 per km, 5:00 per km, 5:30 per km, 6:00 per km, 6:30 per km). When you run with this crowd there’s a place for everyone.

Thursday – H.I.T. & Run

You run some days. You train some days. This workout brings the two together. We’ll mix high
intensity training into your run to improve your overall endurance, speed, balance and mobility.

Saturday – Long Run

This is the LSD run – we’ll cover a long, social, distance. You bring your social skills and we’ll
bring the support you need to go the extra kilometres.

Sunday – Morning Miles

Get a running start on your morning. It’s simple. We’ll provide the Pacers and route. You take care of the miles. When you’re done with this no-frills morning session, we’ll have what you need to recover and keep it moving.


The NIKE+ Run Club App – Come run with us // Download

It doesn’t get much better than an brand new app, but with the new Nike+ Run Club app, it does. I’ll list off a the aspects and features that I enjoy and think you will and should if you don’t already, but I encourage you to download it and give it a go yourself.

Directly from the app you will have access to over 250 weekly Nike+ Run Club live session experiences, led by NRC Head Coaches and Nike Pacers. Basically all of the programming options that I listed above.

The updated Nike+ Run Club app adapts coaching plans to athletes’ schedules on the fly. So if you miss a day or a training session, you don’t have to feel as if its the end of the world, but you will have to make up for it once you rearrange your schedule.

Training plans are designed for athletes to get started, get fitter, get faster and/or train for a specific distance (5k, 10k, half & full marathon).

And finally, they’ve included the power of hashtag. Hash tagging a run instantly connects Nike+ members around the world the a global leaderboard and collection of the photos shared with that hash-tag.

Once you’ve got the app, created an account and gotten familiar with it add me “Robert Okine”.

Everything to know about the new Nike+ Run Club app.

Register for an NRC Live Experience. 

Stay up to date on all the latest information on NRC & NTC in Toronto by following @NikeToronto on Twitter.


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