A Nike+ Experience usually entails the event will be NRC driven (running specific) or NTC driven (training specific). Never both. With the launch of two new pairs of Nike Free’s, the Toronto based Nike+ team created an interactive experience that incorporated both NRC and NTC.

The room was under the influence of both Eva Redpath and Armond Jordan, with the help of NRC pacers and additional NTC coaches. We ran and we trained. We experienced something that even they seemed a bit uncertain of. I mean, the workout was a challenge to be but, even I didn’t know how hard I should be pushing myself on the treadmill. And then to think I’d have to do find a partner later. I might have been holding back but I’m glad the coaches wouldn’t let me. They kept a close eye on everyones form, body language, and assured we were all in good hands.

I was invited to this event but when and if I hear of something similar coming up, I will be posting about it on my Instagram account. Follow along.

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