It was the morning of the 4th week. It might have been about just about 7:00 am and I was on my way. At this moment, I accepted that these morning workouts looked great for photos and social media story telling but they were, honestly, NO JOKE. Eva Redpath (@evaredpath) wasn’t playing around and they people over at Nike didn’t care much for how good we looked in the gear, but rather how hard we were going to push ourselves to hit new benchmarks.

About a month and some ago, the Nike Toronto chapter relaunched the Nike+ Training app filled with athlete inspired workouts, fitness plans for every and anyone, and a social feed to share and stay connected. A long awaited makeover for some and a great starting point for others.

Right off the bat, we were gifted the Nike Metcon 2’s and later we found out they are really the only pair of shoes that we’d want to be wear for these sessions. Stable and strong. Lightweight and durable. Lots stability for lighting. Numerous colour-ways and there are so many additional pro’s that can be listed. I haven’t encountered any cons and I’ve been using them for my Thursday morning sessions and all of my other gym sessions.

More information about the Metcon 2’s.


We are all athletes. We are all capable. We are all on different levels and together we can train to get faster, stronger, and smarter. As an introduction to what was to come in the NTC programming we trained like some of our favourite athletes and tapped into a small percentage of our potential.

Week 1 – The Hart Serena .. Week 2 -The Tempo Game ..  Week 3 -The Row Down


The most interesting part about this journey is the fact that not much is required to get in a good work. At best, all we needed to do was commit to the idea of the training sessions. Minimal or no weights and equipment and open space. Plus, the app of course.

The first three workouts ranged in skill level but focused on athleticism, back and arms, upper body, strength, fully body endurance, conditioning, and leg strength.


Download the app and tap into your potential one workout at a time. Find me on the Nike+ Run Club app “Robert Okine”.

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