INDULGE - August 2017 - Event Recap

Photos from our Caribana INDULGE experience are now available below. I usually start these posts off by thanking people for coming out, looking so good, and for of course enjoying themselves. This time, I really want to mention how much I appreciate you all for taking a chance on me. This Caribana Edition INDULGE was special for various reasons. We took a huge chance with the menu, brought back two of our signature cocktails and incorporated an element of music for added entertainment. All of which was so well received, it can't go without mention. Thank you and please share the photos as you see fit.

If this is the first time you are hearing about INDULGE: INDULGE is a series of social dining experiences – We take pride in facilitating an inclusive atmosphere and offering our guests the best of culinary experiences, as a vehicle to connect with others. Each dinner poses as a unique adventure. And in partnering with one of the most exciting new restaurants in the city, ENTICE Culinary Lounge, we’ve created the most fantastic of menus, developed exceptionally entertaining soundtracks, and re-engineered the cocktail.

INDULGE is powered by Hennessy Canada and curated by Robert Okine.

Photos by Caitlin Wickham | @caitlinwickham.