I might be late with this - Laundry Hub?

Toronto’s eco-friendly, on-demand laundry service that takes care of your laundry so you can spend time doing what you love.

They’re basically the Uber or AirBNB of the laundry and dry cleaning service world. There entire mantra or idea is create more time for their customers or users while they get your laundry done. So thats pick up and dropping off of your laundry and/or dry cleaning.

As if I’m getting paid for this post, I used the service cause I knew I didn’t have the time deal with some dry cleaning that I’ve been sitting on, but I also really needed a few pieces to be dealt with asap.

Here’s my take on Laundry Hub after a few tries of the service:

  1. It’s pretty convenient.

  2. Super easy to use - Scheduling a pick and delivery time is no work at all.

  3. It’s an on demand service. I only paid for what I need so no registration fee or monthly charge.

You when I hate doing laundry the most? Fresh off a vacation or a trip and after a crazy week of work and going to gym.

Check them out via www.laundryhub.ca.

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