What’s in your Secret Sauce?

“Insist upon yourself, be original.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

When McDonald’s franchise owner Jim Delligatti first came up with his triple patty burger creation in 1967, he needed the perfect sauce to finish it off. By 1968, the Big Mac was launched nationally, featuring the delicious, creamy sauce. 

Despite using two variations of the sauce for years; in 1974, the name “Special Sauce” came into existence. The recipe was further tweaked in 1991 and stayed that way until 2004 when Fred Turner, who worked alongside founder Ray Kroc, wanted it changed back.

After tracking down the original formula in the McDonald’s archives, Turner contacted the original supplier who developed the Special Sauce years ago, and the recipe was returned.

I shared this story because, today we live in a world where it seems like everyone has the blueprint or recipe for success. On social media, we see others winning at what they do and it’s not uncommon to see several people winning at the same thing. While one hundred people may be doing the same thing, what sets them apart and the reason they can all be successful in their own right, is their “secret sauce”. The unique value proposition that only they have.

So what’s in your secret sauce? What’s in you that makes you, your brand, company or vision stand out from the rest? Like McDonald’s, you may find that you tweak it over time but ultimately something always brings you back to what makes you truly original.

This week, think about your secret sauce. How is it packaged and why must people get their hands on it?


CourtneyTRL | #CTRLyourweek